Ottawa, ON, March 25, 2022 – Romaeris Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its new electric unmanned aerial vehicle, the Romaeris eUAV, now in prototype stage with flights planned for late 2022.

The Romaeris eUAV is a fixed-wing, tailless, weight-shift control aircraft based on the engineering design and successful autonomous flights of the company’s manned, internal combustion aircraft. It was developed in response to customer interest in remote sensing missions that require long endurance and complex sensor or heavy payloads, while keeping environmental impacts to a minimum. It addresses the gap in the market between costly, manned aircraft and less expensive UAVs that do not have the necessary endurance or payload capabilities.

The Romaeris eUAV specifications were influenced by the needs of the industries the aircraft is aimed to serve. These include payload capabilities of up to 50 Kg, speeds of up to 100 Km/h, and a range up to 600 Km with all four battery packs. The range will be extendible to 1,000 Km+ with optional generator on board. The aircraft includes many novel features such as:

  • A detachable, mission-configurable sensor pod that allows great mission versatility and unobstructed downward views
  • A collapsible fuselage frame for shipping in a range of commonly available vehicles and trailers
  • Modular battery packs that can be added as needed to meet the requirements of longer endurance flights
  • High degree of aerial maneuverability, short take-off and landing capabilities, slow flight speeds and excellent loitering capability
  • Optional wheels, skis, or floats for operation in various climates and geographies.

A number of parties have expressed early interest in using the Romaeris eUAV for missions such as traffic monitoring, HD mapping, environmental data collection, and various types of remote sensing applications.

About Romaeris Corporation

Romaeris Corp. is a unmanned aircraft technology company focused on the development of autonomous, low-cost, multirole drones to service a diverse range of industries. The company is partly First Nations owned and has locations in Canada and the U.S., including a Transport Canada registered aerodrome.

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