About Us

Romaeris Corporation

Romaeris Corporation is prototyping large-scale UAVs. Our goal is to address the gap in the market between smaller drones such as quadcopters and larger, manned aircraft. We envision a new UAV that will have capabilities for remote sensing missions that rival manned aircraft, but with cost metric orders of magnitude lower. Our goal is becoming a reality as we advance artificial intelligence and robotics to create a low-cost, robust, adaptable aircraft that can operate autonomously with little to no infrastructure.

Originally incorporated as a shell in 2010, Romaeris Corporation become active in 2016 and is partly Aboriginal owned. The company was named as one of the top startups in 2021 by Best Startup Canada. Romaeris has experience obtaining Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOCs) from Transport Canada, flying unmanned aircraft in restricted airspace, conducting remote sensing missions, and flying manned aircraft. Romaeris has two patents pending, and has supported numerous postdoctoral, doctoral, and other fellowships, and several pioneering scientific studies in the field of machine learning have been based on our work.